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As frequent night-crawlers of the hutongs, we’re often in and out of bars in the gulou area. Recent changes in the hutongs made us realise that if we don’t record the now, it may be lost forever.


So on May 26th we decided to stay up all night, drawing the night as it unfolded. This is part of our ongoing project to discover and record Hole in the Walls (i.e. cool, not so well known places) in Beijing, focusing on getting a glimpse of life in the city through interviews and illustrations. Whilst interviewing various people, we realised that even after a place has been demolished, their stories will be passed on from an old Beijinger to a new Beijinger. Thus, continuing the cycle of transient 北京.


We hope that by collating our documentations into this zine, you will be able to keep a small part of the everchanging city.

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